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Google Updates New Analytics Platform

Posted by James M. Helms on December 14, 2007

You may be interested in hearing that Google has released new features with their latest free Analytics package. Back in October Google announced that the new version of its tracking code “ga.js” will be updating with new features. In October it sounded great but today it is actually here.

On November 2nd Google Analytics (GA) announced in-site searching capabilities which basically allow you to track what your users search for within your site. This information can be really valuable. Not only will you see the keywords that brought them there, you will also be able to see their refined needs.

Yesterday even more functionality was released. GA announced the multi-data point graphing feature along with ga.js tracking and availability to new language groups. Learn more by visiting the Google Analytics Blogover at If you are interested in these additional features contact your webmaster or SEO to let them know that you are interested in converting to the new code.

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