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Reader Feedback

Posted by James M. Helms on July 12, 2007

Without a doubt the best part of blogging is getting feedback from readers. I look forward to reading the comments, emails, and surveys that I receive on a frequent basis. Just yesterday I posted a couple different polls on my website and look forward to seeing how well they are received. If you are interested in doing the same check out it is free and extremely easy to set up with minimal HTML knowledge.

Getting reader feedback is pretty challenging. What makes the task 10 times harder is that readers usually don’t want to be directed away from the site they are currently viewing. If you are able to overcome this obstacle the results of polls and surveys are extremely helpful in understanding the needs of your reader.

The only use of polling that can be incorporated into WordPress is a link to an outside site. This is because WordPress does not permit the use of JavaScript due to it being a potential security issue. I appreciate the concern they have about security and remain hopeful that this obstacle can be resolved soon.

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YPOP Meeting at OnDeck

Posted by James M. Helms on June 27, 2007

For any of you that missed the YPOP event at OnDeck this evening I will give you a quick overview. The event began at 5:30pm and before 6:30pm well over 200 people had arrived. The atmosphere was light and festive, the weather perfect. I would have forgone other functions in the past had I realized the relaxed atmosphere. Some in attendance were there for networking, others to relax. I met a lot of great people, and reunited with some too.

Click here for the Young Professionals of Portland event page. There are monthly events and the growth is hardly containable. Mark Hutchinson, the current President of YPOP was in attendance and very optimistic of the new organization. Over the last year the growth rate has been outrageous. There are now well over 2300 local members. YPOP is fullfilling a need in the community and that is witnessed by the successful turnouts like I witnessed tonight.

Next months meeting is scheduled for July 31st at Jax (rooftop). I would suggest that you reserve a space on your calendar for the event. Silicon Forest is alive and well, you have not seen the end of Portland Oregon.

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