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Internet Gold Rush

Posted by James M. Helms on December 19, 2007

I recently watched a program on the California Gold Rush. It was a pretty long drawn out documentary but I couldn’t reach the remote and I didn’t seem to have any real good reasons to get up, so I watched the program. Back in 1849 (oh, the 49ers I get it), gold was thick and easily accessible, people could basically make their fortune in one day because of the untouched waterways that held the sought after metal. Over time word got around that there were riches to be made and people poured into California seeking their fortune. It didn’t take very long before most of the profitable locations were spoken for. Over time workers entering the gold fields banded together for both protection and increased efficiency.
I couldn’t help but immediately draw a likeness to the “internet rush” and a lot of the situations we seemed to be faced with. However, there are just as many differences as there are simularities. Have we reached a point with the internet where all of the profitable spots are taken? Is the internet saturated with big business and does that big business limit small business? I think that in many ways it seems to be so. Unlike the gold rush there is still “gold in them thar hills”. There are many internet startups today and they constantly challenge larger businesses to adapt their practices. There really is endless opportunity and a surplus of realestate available today, it just isn’t on the surface. We don’t have shovels, picks, pans, sluices, and rocker boxes today but we do have tools. What tools do you think are most effective today on the internet? What advantages do small businesses have over large businesses? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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Where is the Web Taking Us?

Posted by James M. Helms on June 28, 2007

By now a great majority of internet users have heard the term Web 2.0. Some people even know what Web 2.0 is.
If you haven’t quite figured it out run your cursor over this link read it if you want to. Let’s not get caught up on terms, instead we should be determining how technology can help us now and in the future. To begin with, let’s take a look at a few examples of Web 2.0 in use today.

In order to understand what Web 2.0 is go back to the previous link and think about how Wikipedia functions. Users register and compile information on topics that they are experts in. Web 2.0 is a shift in how the internet is used; it is a platform that bridges the gap from an informational silo to a functional website. There are a lot of examples of web 2.0 on the internet. For instance go to the Nike ID website and design your own customized shoe. Or you can go to the Scion website and click on the link to design your own Scion.  There are many examples of Web 2.0 on the internet.

For about a year now we have heard the term Web 3.0 which seems to add to an ever growing muddle of terms. Basically at this stage the term is new enough that it is not fully realized. Though many people are agreeing that it is a first step in artificial intelligence. It will be interesting to see how things begin to pull together. While the web evolves this may be a good time to project ahead and try to determine what the significance will be.

It is apparent that information is valuable and if we have access to endless amounts of information we simply need to know what good information is. Growing up I often heard the term “there are many ways to skin a cat”. With endless amounts of information I guess we just need to know the best way before we even begin looking. I would be interested in hearing your ideas on the evolution of the web.

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What Day Is It and What Day Is It Supposed To Be?

Posted by James M. Helms on June 24, 2007

Every day has run into one long series of events. I am numb to any form of existent life beyond my present reality. I wake up each day with crumbs from a late night snack imprinted into the side of my face and a little white dog trying to get at the last of them. I wonder why I only have one shoe on and how I could sleep with the text book under my lower back. Where the hell am I, and what does my phone calendar tell me to do next?, I wonder. A strange woman is sleeping next to me that I slowly remember to be my wife, how long has it been since I seen her last…does she remember me? I stumble out of the bedroom and find two kids looking at me as if they know me, “Good morning Daddy”, they say. “Oh shit, did I miss my class?” I ask, the boy giggles and the little girl, with her hand on her hip, says “Daddy, that is a bad woed, and I am going to tell mom”. “Go ahead and tell her” I say, “you women are all the same, nothing but attitude and mouth, what is a ‘woed’ anyway?” “Daddy! quit teasin on my ‘Aws'” she quickly retorts. I rack my mind trying to determine what day it is, is this Wednesday or a Thursday? Then it dawns on me “Seth, why are you not at school? “Daddy, its Saturday, I don’t have school on Saturday” Oh shoot, I somehow forgot about school on Friday, where have I been?

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Eighty Nine Divided by One Hundred Equals One

Posted by James M. Helms on June 24, 2007

“Would you like fries with that?” he asked in broken English. “Yes I will take the meal” I answered. “Will that be all?” he inquired again. Faltering, I had assumed that my message had been received and that assumptions would indicate that there was only one of me and if I had wanted something else I would have said so. Yet this ploy, if it is a ploy, caused me to second guess my original intentions of eating a lighter meal. I had intended to eat a minimal amount of food loaded with fat, cholesterol, and other bad stuff in an amount that would set well with my subconscious. “Yes…oh wait no, I will have an apple pie too” I answered, completely broken of my will to prolong life an extra month. In apparent miscommunication he verified “Okay, and two apple pies”. “No, only one” I clarified. “Sir, it’s the same, one apple pie is 89 cents; you get two apple pies for a dollar” he informed me. Once again, I had a life prolonging dilemma. How many other times have I been faced with these life altering decisions? I wondered. Resolute to only die two months sooner instead of three, I held firm. “I will take one apple pie” I said, while concurrently explaining my decision with three “flumpy” pats on my slightly distended stomach. Proud of my fortitude I subconsciously patted myself on the back, “what a good choice” I thought. Believing the issue settled I was soon to be proved wrong. In an apparent need to explain the situation my ever so kind cashier clarified his perspective. “Okay, one apple pie, I was just trying to save you some money” this being said while ever so slightly rolling his eyes at my utter stupidity.

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