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Great Resources for Marketing Your Business

Posted by James M. Helms on June 23, 2007

Recently I had an opportunity to attend a series called “Your Go-To-Market Strategy”, an Executive Series through Oregon Entrepreneurs Network. The quality of the series is perhaps the best that I have seen. Like many people I have had the benefit of taking several classes around marketing. Through the classroom environment I learned the basics and had a chance to apply some of the principles. The Executive Series through OEN is a perfect bridge between class learning and practical application.

Yesterday at the series a guy by the name of Jeff Williams from eROI presented a brief overview of Guerrilla Marketing. Specifically he covered simple, cheap, cost effective ways to market yourself, or your business on the internet. Some of the points that he made were:

• The value of having a website cannot be understated. You need to have a place to send potential customers.
• The point of a website is to get leads, or potential consumers of your product or service.
• Blogs, podcasts and user uploaded video are all easy ways to sell your business. The idea is to build a community.
• All marketing efforts should be to drive users to your site. Yet your site should not be about “you”. The point is providing value, resources to the end user, In exchange for potential business.

There was a great deal of information and advice offered to the attendees. This of course is just a very brief overview of the value that eROI provided at the series. If you are looking for resources about marketing there are a ton of resources at their site.


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